Fashion Backwards

I love these shoes. They are Dr. Scholls! I don't make friends with shoes too often. In most cases, especially during the Summer you will find me barefoot. I don't mind wearing these, they're very comfty and I love the flirty little flower.

“Youth is not a vanished thing but something that dwells forever in the heart.”
~ L.M. Montgomery

O.k. so I'm not a very fashion forward person, I suppose I'm more fashion backwards. I prefer longer skirts to the short ones that seem to be the style. I like tops that actually cover me than the skimpy ones I see. I can wear junior sizes, but have you been in a junior section lately?

This is a typical outfit for me ~ thrift store skirt and blouse. I don't worry about stains because I only paid a few dollars for the whole thing (but the shoes were new). I wear an apron when I'm working in the kitchen so I'm pretty well covered. A year or so ago was a big turning point for me when I stopped wearing pants altogether ~ I figured life is too short not to dress the way I wanted. Sometimes I get looks when I go out, but I have found that men will open doors for me and say yes ma'm ~ isn't that funny?

I don't buy new clothes very often, because I find most of the new styles just don't suit my taste. That, and I don't understand the point of wearing really long shirts with really short shorts. I'll just keep to my old~fashioned look. At times I wonder if I dress "too young" or too girly, but who am I dressing for except myself and family? Yes, someday I'll be the little old lady with the bun in her hair wearing flowery dresses that lives in the little pink cottage. That suits me just fine!


  1. Hello Laurie - I used to follow your blog before; alas I was , I suppose, what was called a "lurker" as I may have posted once or so. Isn't that a negative word - I"ll call myself a "silent reader and follower" ;-) I had to give up reading favorite blogs for some time and when I returned I was dismayed to find yours gone :-(
    But I've found you again and will enjoy coming to your pretty, peaceful place. I don't have a blog.

  2. Thank you for stopping by my blog! I am so glad to have a new friend! I love your blog and look forward to getting to know you! Have a blessed week~

  3. Hi Laurie,
    You are too funny. I will be another old lady with a bun sitting right beside you.LOL I love old fashion clothes too. Being little it seems all I can find is short short tight clothes. Not for me. Thank you very much.LOL I will stick with my long skirt and modest blouses.
    I posted a new recipe link on my blog today for you. I know you will love it.

  4. I love your pretty! I think you should dress to suit yourself because "fashion" can be so fickled and ugly to say the least.

    I believe being comfortable, modest and well-dressed are important. It's o.k. to be you and express that through your clothes.

    Keep doing what you're doing and thanks for sharing your outfits.

  5. I have always admired your courage to follow your dreams in your decor and dress.

    Love your strand of pearls that you wear...where did you get them again?

    I would love for you to write a post on your beauty regime, I'm sure we all need tips from someone so fresh-faced and pretty! I know that sometimes you make your own soaps but are there other products that you prefer?

    I've updated my profile to comment here, included is my picture which was made May 11, 51st birthday. It shows my weight loss that I spoke of in my email to you.

    I hope your day is bright & happy!

  6. I think you look perfectly like you! And yes, I've found that when I dress in skirts men do open the doors for me more often also. Who doesn't like that? Being a little old lady with a bun in a pink house sounds like a wonderful thing to aspire to be! BTW, I missed the last few posts. Love Anne too. Just finished Anne's House of Dreams. It gets better every time I read it. Glad you're blogging again!

  7. Dear Laurie,

    You're blogging, again; yay! I don't even know what the styles are these days, and I try to keep my girls unaware of it as much as possible by watching lots of girly period films (it's working pretty well so far). Like they say, if you don't like things in your culture, create your own, and I think that you have done a beautiful job of that.



    p.s. I love those shoes, too! I

  8. I have to share my friend, that the old fashioned look is truly where I feel the most comfortable. Like you, I stopped wearing pants completely for over 5 years now. I feel good in long skirts...more feminine, more me.

    The looks? I just returned from Florida, where skimpy and skimpier is totally the style, so I did stick out like a sore thumb :-D

    I truly like your shoes and the blouse is very pretty. How blessed you are that you are able to wear that style of blouse :)

    Blessing to you my friend,


  9. Laurie, I've always thought your dress style is very romantic and feminine, and I appreciate you sharing it with us.
    If you ask me, I believe there's no age limit to beauty!
    We can all wear pretty things, even "girly" things, if we do it with dignity and grace.
    Which YOU always do!
    I love your outfit - the shoes are wonderful :-)

  10. Hi Laurie,
    Just found your blog and am loving it!
    Best Wishes from another "fashion backwards" girl.

  11. Hello, I just discovered your blog. I'd like to become more feminine in my clothes and hair, so I'm growing my hair again after having it short for a number of years. I love how you wear what makes you feel lovely, and you look lovely too! :)

  12. I have to agree with you about the latest styles that are seen in today's stores. This is why I LOATHE to go shopping. Things are either too short, too tight, or just simply, too ugh! I can wear junior sizes too, and yikes and double yikes! Their styles have gone from bad to worse!

    I love your outfit! It looks comfortable, feminine, and pretty. Your shoes look great too. I think I need to start shopping at the thrift stores. But first, I'll need to find one in my area. You're truly an inspiration to me. :)

    P.S. Looks like you had a fun time taking photos of yourself in the mirror. :)

  13. Laurie, Welcome back! Looking forward to more of your lovely posts. i have always loved your blogs.
    Missed you! Sandy

  14. good morning or afternoon? im hosting a blog on tuesday's and the whole purpose is sharing with others...are not many people out of holland most of my friends are from the usa...will love that you join...thank you if you do..friendship is something the lord wants from us...blessings

  15. Hi there,

    I was wondering where you went! I'm so glad your back. Your outfit is very pretty.

    Amy Jo

  16. Hi - I have just found your blog via Jane at Hope and Thrift. You are alot like me in your tastes. I have just decided to stop wearing trousers most of the time too. Before the age of about 25 I almost never even owned a pair of trousers and then, I have no idea what happened, they started to be the norm until I almost felt indecent in a skirt! I have decided, like you, that I want to dress to suit my inner character. Lily. xxx


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