Around the Cottage

Images from Rose Cottage this past week...

Freshly baked bread

Sipping tea while reading Day~Votions for Grandmothers

One of my favorite paintings in our cottage (from the thrift store) ~

I think it's oil or acrylic ~ I think it's so pretty and I find it a little sad that someone took it to the thrift store ~

and of course...

our little puddin'!

Hope you all have a lovely weekend! I'm off to do the grocery shopping ~


  1. So very cute!
    Blessings to you, Dieneke

  2. Whoever took the painting to the thrift shop did you a favor!

    Congratulations on becoming a grandmother. Your little puddin' is adorable! :)

  3. I love fresh baked bread. Your little teacup painting is so sweet.

    Amy JO

  4. Your bread is so perfect looking, but I'm sure you've had lot's of practice. We had a small loaf at a local Amish Restaurant served with our meal the other day...served was hard to resist!

    Puddin' looks bright eyed and so sweet!

  5. Oh my goodness...he is just precious! :) The bread looks delicious ... have a wonderful weekend! m.

  6. With such a beautiful baby in the house, how do you get any work done, lol!
    Your bread looks very scrumptious and your teacup painting is lovely!
    What a wonderful find.
    Suits you to a "tea" ;-)
    Have a blessed weekend, Laurie.
    love..Trish xx

  7. Your bread looks delicious, and little puddin' is just as adorable as ever.

    BTW, thanks for letting us know the temperature for the blackberry crumble. :)

  8. Everything looks so cozy and dear (especially the last little treasure!). Yo can find wonderful things at the thrift stores and it's so much fun to hunt for them, too.

  9. hello rose bud,
    the bread looks your dishes and a very pretty find.
    the last picture is very sweet!!!!
    have a nice day,


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