I thought I'd share the treasures I picked up during our travels. Vintage things that make me smile...

I'm always drawn to delicate teacups, these by Limoges, the saucers don't quite match.

I love having them sit near the window, you can see how fragile they are, which makes them even more dear to me!

Two rosey pitchers ~

and a rooster with pink roses!

Some pretty hankies and such ~

Lovely little dolly ~

I fell for this sweet little picture the moment I saw it. See the little doggie? I thought it looked so much like our sweet Pepper (see sidebar) ~ I knew it belonged in our cottage.

My favorite thing of all this cute little rocking chair. It fits quite nicely in a corner of our bedroom.

I still haven't quite gotten around to visiting blogs. I feel like I'm so behind in everything.


  1. No, there is really no need to rush. Take your time to come back.

    You have picked up beautiful pieces Laurie :)

    Peace be with you,


  2. Looks like the perfect things for a rose cottage!

  3. Your home is filled with loveliness!

  4. You have such pretty things !!
    The little picture surte looks like Pepper.
    What a wonderful chair. I really love things like this too ; )
    Have a great day.

  5. You always bring home the best souvenir "keepsakes" of anyone I know. I've been with you so long I believe I remember you brought home your Hoosier cabinet...wasn't it from KY?

    Have a lovely day!♥

  6. Welcome Home!! It sounds like you had such a good time. I love the rose pitchers you bought. The Rooster is so darling too. I haven't seen a rooster with pink roses.
    Blessings to you,
    Amy Jo

  7. You have brought back such pretty delicate things. xxx

  8. Hello Sweet Laurie,
    I have been thinking about you this morning. Your treasures are so pretty. Take your time and enjoy the journey.

  9. hello rosebud,
    you have such pretty things......perfect for your home!!!
    have a nice time,

  10. I'm way behind with visiting too!
    Laurie, everything you found is really beautiful.
    I absolutely love the rocking chair!!
    You have a great eye for lovely things and display them so nicely!
    It's what first drew me to your blog when I started "lurking" about 2 years ago :-)
    Is the doll antique? She's a sweetie!
    bless you, my friend.
    Trish xx

  11. Beautiful porcelain-has breathtaking decor!And those handkerchiefs-beauty!! Vicky


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