As Summer Fades to Autumn...

"The serene philosophy of the pink rose is steadying. Its fragrant, delicate petals open fully and are ready
to fall, with regret or disillusion, after only a day in the sun. It is so every summer. One can almost
hear their pink, fragrant murmur as they settle down upon the grass: "Summer, summer,
it will always be summer.""
~ Rachel Peden
(One of my favorite quotes ~ a bittersweet farewell to Summer, don't you think?)

I love Summer, really I do, but this go around as been unusually wet, humid and HOT. I haven't felt like blogging much, as you can see. Blame it on the heat!

My sunflowers are beginning to blossom. A favorite flower with bright sunny faces. I think just a few more days and I'll be able to take some more photos.

Super cute boots I picked up for a song, perfect for Autumn dressing. They will look much better worn with tights.

I'm ready to spruce things up a bit and give the place a good cleaning. I've gotten a bit lazy with housekeeping on these sultry days. Well, at least I fixed my blog up a bit to reflect late Summer.

I'm keeping this in mind for Fall decorating ~ perfectly cute pumpkin from Victorian Trading Co.. Soft colors work best at Rose Cottage ~ pretty ivories, faded pinks and touches of brown.

My teapot is modeling the new teacozy I made this weekend. The teacup with the peach was a gift from my son a Christmas or two ago.

I am going to enjoy these final days of Summer. Wonderful ripe, red tomatoes, juicy peaches, a few pale pink roses left to pick. As Summer gently fades to Autumn.


  1. Hi Laurie! Love your music! Summer has been a bit of a disappointment here. Too hot, too dry and then when we could have used the dry weather to watch the meteor showers it rained. Love Victorian Trading Company, also. Been wondering if it's too early to put up some fall-ish decorations. Guess if you are, I will too!

  2. Hello Dear Friend,
    It is so wonderful to see what you have been up to. I love your tea cozy. It always feels so relaxed and peacefully here.
    Miss Candi and I have been clearing out a bit of clutter this morning. Rearranging a few of my pretties. I am starting to think about my next trip around the sun and the goals I want to set. I know someone else about to take another trip around the sun. :)
    Have a wonderful day Laurie.

  3. I am right there with you! It is so hot here too. I haven't felt like much of anything... but soon maybe a cool down. I love your new boots and your tea cozy.

    Amy Jo

  4. Those roses are just gorgeous! And the boots are adorable. Your son has good taste. :)

    Beautiful blog. I will enjoy visiting again. Thank you for sharing. Your femininity is refreshing.

    God bless!

  5. Love the cute new boots, Laurie!
    Hope your days start to cool down for you soon, so you can put that pretty teacosy to work more often :-)
    Sunflowers always look so cheerful in the garden and the seeds are such a bonus!
    Have a great day!
    blessings..Trish xx

  6. You are already starting to get ready for wonderful that we have that beautiful season to look forward to :D

    I like your boots !


  7. Hi Laurie,
    What a lovely post! I love that quote and I've been waiting to use it. Love your tea cozy! It is beautiful. Thank you for sharing and have a delightful week.



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~ Leo F. Buscaglia quotes