The Storm is Over

Photo ~ The Mississippi Press You can click on the link for more photos. During Katrina the bridge was wiped out

My hometown Ocean Springs, MS

Oh, I am so glad Hurricane Isaac is behind us. We had so much rain and wind. Thankfully all we lost was our power and some tree limbs. So much different than seven years ago the same day when Hurricane Katrina came and destroyed our home. I told my husand that I would never go through that again ~ rebuilding and living in a trailer for 2 years. Nope, never again. Keeping all those in my prayers that are dealing with the flooding.

So, today I can get some laundry, sweeping and dusting done. It has been so dark and dreary (and a bit scary) the last few days. Our poor chickens have been "cooped" up in our back porch along with lots of hay and food, but are none too happy. Hopefully tomorrow or Saturday the rain will be gone and we can clean up outside.

I'm so happy August is nearly behind us. September is such a beautiful month. Our anniversary is also this month (the 29th) ~ 27 years! I'm looking forward to bright happy days ahead. And maybe just a tad cooler!


  1. Praising Our Lord that everyone is fine where you are Laurie.

    I have never lived in a trailer, but I know it must be cramped and a bit hard ... but He gave you all the strength needed to go through it.

    September is a wonderful month for me is my birthday month - yay!


  2. Oh Laurie! i am so thankful that you are safe!
    i have been praying....and waiting to hear from you!

  3. I am oh so glad you all made it thru unscathed!! I've been watching the radar {weather station} and worrying and hoping all was well!

    Now sit back, take a deep breath, maybe light a good smelling candle to chase away the gloom. Good days are ahead!!♥

  4. I am thankful that you and your family are safe and didn't have to endure too much hardship with that hurricane. We live in the valley, so when it rains alot here, we have to be careful with flooding. So, I always get scared every year when it rains ALOT here.

    Happy Anniversary! I hope you and your husband enjoy your day. What a blessing to be married to the man you love for 27 years. :)

    I'm looking forward to September too. Actually, I'm looking forward to Autumn. I always love the Autumn colors.

    Blessings! :)

  5. Hello Dear Friend,
    It was good to hear from you. I have been praying you would be safe. Miss Candi said tell JR she would have hid under the bed too. LOL

  6. Dear Laurie,

    Thank you for inviting me to view your blog! I've been wondering how you were doing with the hurricane, and am glad to hear it wasn't bad. Chickens don't like being cooped up, do they? I hope yours are not the worse for their little "vacation." :)

    Happy belated anniversary and birthday, too. That's a lot to celebrate in one month! May this year be an exceptionally blessed one for you and yours.



    p.s. Blogger is only letting me view your blog under my daughters' account!

  7. So glad you are ok, Laurie!
    September is a lovely month.
    It means Spring here in Australia and Autumn for you.
    A month of beautiful colour for us all!
    Hope you had a wonderful anniversary :-)

  8. Hi! I just "retired" (for now) from blogging but I want to tell you that my eyes caught the Ocean Springs MS picture! My son is in the coast guard and lives in an apt. in Ocean springs. (He is stationed on his boat in Pascagoula though). You can be sure I prayed alot that you all wouldn't suffer much damage during this! It was surprising the storm surge you did have though, and who would've thought you'd have such a direct hit! Especially on that date. love,andrea

  9. September 29th is my Mama's birthday. Happy Anniversary to you & your dear husband! :)

  10. I am so glad you all came through ok! We have had our share of hurricanes here in Florida. My brother lost his home due to flooding during charlie... He spent a year rebuilding. It was a terrible time all around. But our home made it through.

    Amy Jo


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