Sugar Plum Pink

I have visions of pink sugarplums dancing in my head...

I know it's not even Thanksgiving, but I'm already dreaming of a pink Christmas! I bought the new Romantic Homes Magazine along with the Romantic Country Magazine and they are both full of beautiful pink Christmas decorations! I'm thinking about a faery rose theme this year. Ok, I'll settle down and remember it is just now November. I will relax and enjoy this season of Thanksgiving. Poor Thanksgiving, it gets kind of lost in the rush towards Christmas.

Oh yes, I got my hair cut. I know I said I never would again, but truth be told, it was driving me nuts. It feels so light, healthier (got rid of all those split ends) and much easier to handle.

This probably sounds strange, but I've recently discovered the fun of wearing shoes!  I've never been much of a shoe girl, as I tend to walk around barefoot much of the year.  But lately I've come across the cutest shoes...
 I love these little lacey numbers. My, my legs look bulky.  Must be all that walking:)
Then I added this pair ~ I also have them in black. So very comfortable! 
Love how they lace up. I think I like this color more than the black. 

Today I'll be packing away the Halloween decorations, sweep away all the dust bunnies and bring out my everyday pretties again. No, I won't start decorating for Christmas yet!!


  1. Hi Rosebud,
    Your hair looks perky and your shoes are very cute! There is no way I would go around in bare feet. My feet get cold too easily and I hate being cold. Thank you for your visit and have a lovely weekend. By the way, I LOVE your seasonal blog background with the snow and deer on it; too cute!



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