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Sep 15, 2012

A Lovely Time of Year

A September vignette

I so enjoy this time of year. Love lighting candles in the evening and making a big pot of chili for dinner! Thinking of what fun way to add a bit of Halloween to our cottage.
Our Fall/Winter weather in the deep south is fairly mild, so I find no need to pack away Summer clothing.

Can't help my love for white and pink...

skirt I dyed a lavender~pink

pretty pin I added

Not doing much this weekend. Just enjoying puttering around the cottage. I'm enjoying a new book ~

Love this style of decorating

Hope you all are enjoying your weekend!

Sep 9, 2012

Golden Afternoons...

From Victoria Magazine 1998 ~

The days grow short...
In September, there always comes a moment when we find ourselves savoring the last of the summer sun yet noticing how golden its rays are starting to become. Or reaching for a crisp apple while continuing to keep summer furits close at hand. And, even though we know it's not yet time to put away cotton shirts and light flowery skirts, a nippy day will send us scurrying for a fleecy sweater. Like a child whose hand lingers in her mother's on the first day of school, we're eager for autumn but reluctant to let go of summer...

yummy peaches ready for snacks!

Isn't that Victoria Magazine quote lovely? I've been enjoying these quiet September days. I'm not ready to decorate for Autumn, but then I never really do. I like natural elements, dried hydrangeas, mums on the front porch and then a pumpkin or two. Right now I have a few dried hydrangeas in a rose patterened pitcher but that's it. Autumn will come in it's own time.

Fashion news, I came across these rather trendy shoes (maybe not anymore? I don't keep up), well at least trendy to me.

I'm wanting to add some fall color to my wardrobe, but not sure what direction to go. Plum maybe? I love this jacket from Victorian Trading Co., but not at $229.00...hmm ~ looks like it's time to get out the Rit Dye and see what shades I can come up with.

On a side note my blog is not private anymore. I just decided not to worry over some things and just enjoy blogging.