Pretty Little Things

Since I started "pinning" styles I would like to try on Pinterest I've discovered a few things about my fashion preferences. I like to mix pink with gray as well as black. I also really love the colors turquoise, blue and lavender. I'm going to try and incorporate these colors into my wardrobe ~ on a budget of course!
I've found a few pretty things as the thrift store to spruce up my outfits. A purse in the perfect shade of pink, a blue ruffly tank top and a lacey scarf.

I don't feel I've given up my femininity by wearing jeans, rather I feel a sense of freedom by not trying to pin myself down to a certain look. And to be honest, I was getting tired of wearing skirts especially while cleaning out the chicken coop and working in the garden!
I am lovin' my jeans! It has taken me a long time to find some that fit well. I wear a 4, and I found I had to pay a bit extra for ones that fit around my waist (which is small) and my hips (which are large in proportion).
Sorry for the blurry photos. I was having one of those bad camera days.

closeup of the buttons ~ sparkly and very pretty!

excuse the mess behind me...a baby swing and my sewing stuff seems to have exploded on the floor.

I can't wait until tonight ~ season 3 of Downton Abbey begins! I've got the wine chilling and the crackers and cheese, dip and veggies just ready for snackin'! Maybe tomorrow I'll show my new lace blouse ~ I refer to it as my Downton Abbey blouse!


  1. I love your blouse so pretty. And i think you still look fab!

    Amy Jo

  2. I love gray! That is my go-to neutral color. I couldn't survive without my jeans. Glad you found some that fit well. :)

  3. Oh, I love your outfit! That's something that I would wear, too. It's both pretty and comfortable. Please, keep sharing more outfits.

  4. LOVE THE TOP! You look so fantastic. It is really beautifully feminine, with the denim adding a modern twist.

  5. hello rosebud,
    i love your looks fantastic!!!! love the stil mix lace and jeans.
    have a wonderful week,
    blessings regina


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