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I don't think I'll ever live on a farm (although the husband and I joke about it) ~ but I still enjoy the idea of living a country life on our little Rose Cottage Farmette.

I used to love a super frilly~dilly lacey~do style. The frillier the better. Very Victorian/Shabby Chic.   Now I'm enjoying a more laid back style with less fou~fou ~ more of a country cottage feel. I don't do the whole white look that I enjoy seeing on other blogs, but I do enjoy more of a farmhouse feel that is so "in" right now. My husband being the country boy loves this style. I love mixing a bit of lace alongside old mason jars, vintage egg baskets and old quilts. This is a style that makes my heart sing.

I think my clothing reflects the style in which we live.  Skirts, petticoats, a bit of lace, but still not too fussy.  I still need to get chores done, garden and clean the chicken coop.

 Speaking of which...

Time to go give the "girls" a treat in their little pink chicken coop!
We painted it the same color as our cottage ~





  1. this post is way awesome! ~ blessed be! ~ dear kindred country heart!...(o:

  2. Love the color of the coop and I love your style! :)

  3. What lucky little chickens - hope they enjoy it. xxx

  4. I love your chicken coup!! (and lace). I am realizing this also, that we can make our home as we wish! Unfortunately I can't have chickens here (unless you have an acre...they tried to pass it to a half acre, but it failed). So I have to just be a bunny farmer! :)

    I hope you win that contest!!

  5. Wonderful pictures. I love the chickencoop !!!
    I love the cottage style too and would have loved to have lived on a farm ; )
    Have a great day.

  6. The chicken coop is awesome. Have you raised chicken for some time? Some of my neighbors have them and it is tempting.
    Pretty pix.

  7. Oh, how totally incredibly awesome to have a pink chicken house!!!



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