A Spring Weekend

"And Spring arose on the garden fair,
Like the Spirit of Love felt everywhere;
   And each flower and herb on Earth's dark breast
rose from the dreams of its wintry rest."
       ~ Percy Bysshe Shelley
Love this photo ~ can't remember where it's from

I had a lovely weekend, spent here at the cottage, doing a bit of this and that.

 I made some laundry detergent and baked 2 loaves of french bread.  I worked on a  small afghan I'm attempting to crochet. It has become my evening project, so if the tv is on I have something to do.  I  just can't sit staring at the television ~ my hands have to be busy.

My husband bought a 50 gallon rain barrel which he hopes to set up in a few days. We hope this will offset higher water bills that we would use for the garden.

We are planning to add two or three chickens to our "flock" ~ Ameraucanas which lay the pretty blue and green eggs.

I've been doing a bit of weeding and planted a few flowers ~ allysum, marigolds, petunias and violas.  I also planted some zinnia seeds I saved from last years flowers.

My Mother~in~Law sent us her pressure cooker, we are hoping to have enough veggies to can this summer.

I found some gently used baby toys at a recent yard sale.  I'm putting these away for our grandbaby's 1st birthday next month.  Has it been a year already??


                                                  Hope your day is pleasant!


  1. Beautiful blue eyes and reddish hair...! Someone at my husband's job just brought in some of those eggs from his hens. So neat!

  2. Oh your grandbaby is darling!

    Amy Jo

  3. Your grandson is so handsome! He looks like such a cutie pie in this picture. :)

    Your french bread sounds good. I wish could have a slice of it.


  4. That is neat about the # being your house #. Kennett square is near Longwood..out in the country more though. I usually go to Longwood gardens each year..but last year I decided enough is enough. Sometimes you just wonder why you do things as a habit :)
    I hope you don't miss visiting DE too much. I haven't been to my hometown in 8 years..I am bad! I really hate to travel. Our son who is in ocean springs, we offer him a flight home anytime, but he hasn't had any free time lately. I am not brave enough to go down to MS. He is only there one more year...he really likes the south and may try to get down somewhere near there again.

    You'd love to paint with that type of paint. Those websites are helpful, and there are alot more out there. (And other recipes).
    I would've been nervous about painting my table, except that I really didn't like it as it was originally.

    Have a nice night/and tomorrow!

  5. Sounds like you had a wonderful time.
    Your grandbaby is so precious.

  6. ...greetings dear kindred! ~ 'tis always such a pleasure arriving at thine beautiful portal! ~ sending sunshiny bubbles to thee!~ blessed be...(0:


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