Potatoes...and Lace

We harvested our first potatoes (this is from one plant!).  We're just tickled, since it's the first time we attempted to grow them.  Guess what's on the Father's Day menu?  Yep, potatoes and homegrown green beans!  Yum!
Now for the lace...
Thrifted skirt, t~shirt and lacy thingy worn over top.  Some day I may own a piece of Magnolia Pearl clothing, but in the meantime I try to create my own versions. 

Thought I'd share some Queen Anne's Lace for good measure.  This flower represents delicate femininity.  Doesn't that sound nice?

Have a lovely Sunday!


  1. Queen Anne's lace looks so romantic! And your outfit too. I think your versions of Magnolia Pearl are nicer...they are more practical for today and not as much fluff.

    Potatoes already...that is neat. I bet they taste better than store ones. I tried growing them once long ago, when I had more sun in my yard. They are lots of fun to grow...but mine weren't ready until fall...and even smaller at that.

    We've been to dorney park too. And when our kids were real little, dutch wonderland is quaint.

    Your bedroom looks pretty like your outfit!

  2. Our neighbor gave us tons of potatoes from his garden. It is so nice. Your lace looks beautiful and the queen annes lace is one of my favorites!!

    Amy Jo

  3. I like your version of Magnolia Pearl far better, too! :)

  4. Such a gorgeous bouquet...so magical and such beautiful pictures..you look so pretty!Lovely post!!

  5. Ah yes I covet the Magnolia Pearl style as well. She began with scraps and creativity, shall we do the same? Wonderful to emulate. I do love your outfit!


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