Summer Scents

"It's beautiful the Summer month of June
When all of God's own wildflowers are in bloom
And sun shines brightly most part of the day
And butterflies o'er lush green meadows play...
Francis Duggan

Lavender Rose Potpourri
1/2 cup rose petals
  1/2 cup lavender blossoms
 1/2 cup sweet woodruff
  1/2 cup pot marjoram leaves and blossoms
 1/4 cup mint
  2 teaspoons orange peel
 2 teaspoons whole cloves
 1/2 teaspoon crushed cinnamon stick
 2 drops each of lavender and rose oils
  1/2 teaspoon powdered orrisroot
Combine the first eight ingredients. Sprinkle the oils and the orrisroot over the dry ingredients and mix well. Place in a covered jar, and stir gently every few days for a month, until the scents have blended and mellowed. Remove the jar's cover to freshen a room, but be sure to replace the cover between times of use.  The above recipe will also work well in sachets.

Hope you enjoy this recipe ~ its one from The Farmers Almanac.  I never have sweet woodruff, I don't think I've ever seen it down here. 

This week I'm going to be cleaning a lot as we have company coming and staying for almost two weeks!  I have to admit, I'm not much for having guests.  I guess I like my privacy too much. 

I've been doing a bit of blog cleaning as well.   I decided I was following way too many blogs, half of which were deleted blogs or those I never got around to commenting on ~   or even some I felt I no longer had much in common with.  I know I was following a lot of blogs that weren't following me anyway. 
Time to move on...


  1. Nice recipe, thanks! That won't put pounds on me..!

    I do good with company for one day and one night. Then I get tired of cleaning up, .....ha It goes downhill from there with my cheerfulness. Unless it is my kids, then I don't care if they stay forever.

    I clean out my blog too at times. Also, some links you can just click on from other blogs, if you want, and that saves your space, plus isn't so much a temptation to click away too much and spend too much time on blog reading!

  2. Good morning. We have lots of company all year long. Most time it is fun but sometimes I can hardly wait to have our home back to an empty nest. Hope your hosting goes smoothly and pleasant.

  3. I do that, too, every so often. But my blog list always grows back! :)

  4. Oh that sounds delightful, will have to try it once I get some herbal and floral goodness around here.

  5. Oh, delicious, I can almost smell the potpouri ; ) Thank you for the recipe.
    Spring has finally arrived here, with nice warm weather. Needless to say I have been outside all day ; )
    Have a wonderful day.

  6. ...may thee have a blessed time with thine summer cleaning!...(O:

  7. ...ooooooooooOh dear kindred! ~ this be a private message to thee: i doth follow thee ~ albeit as a private follower ~ therefore i don't show up in thine follower's list ~ blessed be dear gentle heart!...(O:

  8. Oh my I have come to follow this lovely scented trail on a day you are doing Spring cleaning ... I hope I don't add to the clutter just offer such a lovely path here.

  9. It is good to do spring cleaning isn't it? Thank you so much for the recipe :) m.


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