A Rose Cottage Christmas

"Holly and mistletoe
Candles and bells,
I know the message
That each of you tells."
~Leland Jacobs

Christmas is a little different this year with a toddler in the house!  I decided to have a tiny "mommy tree" as the kids call it in the Family Room along with an old fashioned live tree decorated with child friendly decorations.
Here's my little pink tree.

Our beautiful white crèche.

This tree has our fancier (breakable) decorations which is the Rose Room.

Mrs. Snowlady in our Foyer.

This is the live tree in the Family Room.  Grandbaby loves to take the ornaments off and put them back on ~ no sharp hooks on this tree.
We've been busy canning apples. They are really delicious, I added a bit of cinnamon so they taste like the apples you get at Cracker Barrel.
We will be making sauerkraut coming January.  That's something my husband and I love, though no one else does!

I've also  been having fun with my wardrobe. Love my jeans, but I just have to have lace and ruffles to make me truly happy.
Here are a few recent thrift store finds.  I'm always on the lookout for white blouses.



I love this jacket. It has a tiny black and white stripe pattern which I plan to add a touch of lace.  I also found a jean jacket that I can't wait to play with...

This is a blouse I'm currently redoing. I took apart the side seams to add more lace, this from a vintage piece I had laying around.
I hope you are all enjoying a wonderful weekend!


  1. I am fully adoring that little pink tree ! :)))

  2. Hi Laurie - I couldn't get on your blog for ages. I am glad to have found you again. Hope you all have a lovely Christmas. Lily. xxx


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