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Jun 19, 2013

Working with Flowers (A Midsummer's Post)

The Flowers
~ Robert Louis Stevenson
All the names I know from nurse:
Gardener's garters, Shepherd's purse,
Bachelor's buttons, Lady's smock,
And the Lady Hollyhock.

Fairy places, fairy things,
Fairy woods where the wild bee wings,
Tiny trees for tiny dames--
These must all be fairy names!

Tiny woods below whose boughs
Shady fairies weave a house;
Tiny tree-tops, rose or thyme,
Where the braver fairies climb!

Fair are grown-up people's trees,
But the fairest woods are these;
Where, if I were not so tall,
I should live for good and all.

I love this time of year when so many flowers are in bloom.
 As Midsummer approaches,  I love to read about the different customs around the world.  Sometime I would love to visit Sweden during this time  Now they really know how to celebrate Midsummer!  You can read more about it here Sweden.Se. There are also some ideas on how to create your own celebration.

This is a little corner in my room.  My little mermaid is a Christmas ornament, but I thought she added just the right touch to the blue crystal bowl.  I added seashells from a recent walk down to the beach.

Rosebuds and herbs...

A bowl of Faerie herbs and flowers.
I think they would be delighted with the mix of  lavender, thyme, violets and roses.  I even added a few strawberry leaves, because after all June's moon is the Strawberry Moon.

Another bowl with drying marigolds, rosemary, lavender, thyme and peppermint.
I'm happiest when working with my flowers, either in the garden or crafting.

 Yes, Tinker Bell keeps watch over my work area.  Did I mention our cottage smells divine?

Happy Midsummer!


Jun 16, 2013

Potatoes...and Lace

We harvested our first potatoes (this is from one plant!).  We're just tickled, since it's the first time we attempted to grow them.  Guess what's on the Father's Day menu?  Yep, potatoes and homegrown green beans!  Yum!
Now for the lace...
Thrifted skirt, t~shirt and lacy thingy worn over top.  Some day I may own a piece of Magnolia Pearl clothing, but in the meantime I try to create my own versions. 

Thought I'd share some Queen Anne's Lace for good measure.  This flower represents delicate femininity.  Doesn't that sound nice?

Have a lovely Sunday!

Jun 14, 2013

In the Garden

"Kind hearts are the gardens;
kind thoughts are the roots;
kind words are the flowers;
kind deeds are the fruits."
 ~  English Proverb
We have sooo  many tomatoes!  We plan to can some in a few days and make some salsa.  I  just love a tomato sandwich!
My little faerie residing over the Impatiens...


Impatiens are a symbol of motherly love.

...and hidden amongst the Impatiens I found a four leaf clover. A little worse for wear, but still a four leaf clover!

Our chickens have grown so much!  we think we have three roosters out of  the bunch. In fact one tried to crow this morning.  Next week we will give those three away.  As for names, it seems we have Buttercup, Honeybun, LilyPuff and Miss Pittypat.
  We think these three are the roosters. 


I know I haven't been visiting much, but hopefully this weekend our company will be gone.  I'm pooped ~ I guess I don't do well with large gatherings for more than a day or two.  I'm looking forward to things getting back to normal.  I'll be back to visit soon!

Jun 10, 2013

Such Beauty...

"The Earth Laughs in Flowers."
-  Ralph Waldo Emerson 
Hydrangeas stand for friendship, devotion, and understanding






Just popping in quick ~ the house is full of guests and I must admit, my nerves are a bit frayed.  Spending a few moments in my garden helps calm me down.  How I love Hydrangeas ~ pink, blue, purple or white, they are all so beautiful.
Hope you are all having a lovely week!

Jun 3, 2013

Summer Scents

"It's beautiful the Summer month of June
When all of God's own wildflowers are in bloom
And sun shines brightly most part of the day
And butterflies o'er lush green meadows play...
Francis Duggan

Lavender Rose Potpourri
1/2 cup rose petals
  1/2 cup lavender blossoms
 1/2 cup sweet woodruff
  1/2 cup pot marjoram leaves and blossoms
 1/4 cup mint
  2 teaspoons orange peel
 2 teaspoons whole cloves
 1/2 teaspoon crushed cinnamon stick
 2 drops each of lavender and rose oils
  1/2 teaspoon powdered orrisroot
Combine the first eight ingredients. Sprinkle the oils and the orrisroot over the dry ingredients and mix well. Place in a covered jar, and stir gently every few days for a month, until the scents have blended and mellowed. Remove the jar's cover to freshen a room, but be sure to replace the cover between times of use.  The above recipe will also work well in sachets.

Hope you enjoy this recipe ~ its one from The Farmers Almanac.  I never have sweet woodruff, I don't think I've ever seen it down here. 

This week I'm going to be cleaning a lot as we have company coming and staying for almost two weeks!  I have to admit, I'm not much for having guests.  I guess I like my privacy too much. 

I've been doing a bit of blog cleaning as well.   I decided I was following way too many blogs, half of which were deleted blogs or those I never got around to commenting on ~   or even some I felt I no longer had much in common with.  I know I was following a lot of blogs that weren't following me anyway. 
Time to move on...

Jun 1, 2013


"On this June day the buds in my garden are almost as enchanting as the open flowers. Things in bud bring, in the heat of a June noontide, the recollection of the loveliest days of the year - those days of May when all is suggested, nothing yet fulfilled."
 ~  Francis King
 Our cottage has been bustling lately with lots of work.  It is so satisfying to be picking and eating the food we planted this Spring.  Canning is something we never tried before, but now we are on a roll.  Our neighbors gave us heaps of cucumbers in exchange for some of my homemade bread.   So the past week or so I've been busy as a bee in the kitchen. 
Our recent canning adventures including zucchini pickles...
lots of green beans...
more zucchini waiting to be blanched or shredded and then frozen. I always save some to make zucchini bread.

My May altar to celebrate all the beauty and abundance we have been blessed with ~