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Oct 17, 2014

It's Been a Lovely Week

"There ought to be gardens for all months in the year
 in which, severally, things of beauty may be then in season.
~Sir Francis Bacon

The other day I baked Autumn shaped sugar cookies.  You know, pumpkins, leaves, stars, moons, teapots and chickens!  My daughter said Autumn chickens Mom? Really?

One morning I found 8 eggs in the nesting boxes.  So I know 8 of the 9 girls are laying, (they all may be), one might not have felt like it that day!

I bought a few flowers for my little side garden.  The pansies and violas were calling my name...

Found this easy peasy rosewater recipe on Pinterest.  I still have a few late bloomers.  So I thought I'd give this a try.
I hope you all have a happy weekend.


  1. I bet your "Autumn chickens" were delish! I just love the colors of your fresh eggs and I bet your rose splash smells and feels amazing! Hugs ~ Donna E.

    Ps. I LOVE violas and pansies!! =)

  2. Laurie,
    Thank you for your beautiful blog. I look forward to every single post and picture.
    You are a dear friend.
    Hugs from Sandy

  3. What a gorgeous eggs :0) enjoy your planting ;)

  4. Hi Laurie,
    How beautiful. Yes there are fall chickens . Lol
    We can have whatever we can dream up.:)
    It has been fun catching up with you.
    Candi said said tell jr. That her mommy had her ears and tail chalked orange for Halloween. BOL


“A single rose can be my garden...a single friend, my world.”
~ Leo F. Buscaglia quotes