Wearing What you love

I am not young but I feel young.  The day I feel old, I will go to bed and stay there.  J'aime la vie!  I feel that to live is a wonderful thing.
Coco Chaanel

A few years ago I had a closet full of skirts, but still felt like I had nothing to wear.  I've pared down my wardrobe and now ((aside from a few skirts) I wear jeans.  My favorite style are boyfriend jeans. They are very comfy and still look cute with my boots.  Last year I was wearing the skinny jeans, but honestly they are such a pain in the neck to take off and on.  
My color palette has remained the same, consisting of white, ivory and pinks.  This year I want to add a bit of soft gray for the Winter months.  I just don't feel dressed unless I'm wearing something pretty.
My closet
My dresser consists of this drawer for shirts, a drawer for my jeans and one for my underpinnings.

My pink "leather" jacket for Autumn that I haven't worn yet. It hasn't been cold enough.

And my Winter coat, as you can see it's not very heavy. It just doesn't doesn't get cold enough to warrant a heavy coat.  Although last year we had some ice!

I do have a nice collection of scarves and one or two hats.  I don't wear much jewelry, except for my wedding/engagement ring ( which is an antique. They were my grandmothers. She was married in 1918). I have a few pairs of earrings and my mom's pearls that I wear quite often.  It makes me happy to wear something that belonged to her.

Wear what makes youu happy!


  1. Oh Laurie! So pretty!! I used to never wear jeans but over the last year I have found some that I think are a pretty addition to my wardrobe. I love the tops. I have cut back so much it is not even funny!! xoxo Lynn

  2. Your closet is just to die for!!! Love the softer colors and the feminine style...Color me jealous! I am plump and finding these lovely styles in larger sizes is quite the challenge (sad face). I do plan to "alter" some of the clothing that I can find to make it more "dreamy". Lovely post! Hugs ~ Donna E.

  3. Such a wonderful wardrobe. I love the colours. The jewelry sound great. Have a wonderful day.


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