Happy New Year!

Another new year full of possibilities.

I thought about changing my blogs direction ( more fashion related), I thought about starting a new blog, and I thought about deleting this one...

But then...

I thought I still love my little blog right here and maybe all it needs is a bit of tweaking.  Or maybe it's me that needs tweaking!

I think my problem is that I've become disenchanted about blogs in general. I starting blogging ten years ago.  It was a nice way to get to know others with similar interests.  Seems now everyone has an agenda.   Everywhere I look blogs that where once quaint and homey are full of ads, pushing ebooks, ecourses and who knows what.  So, ok, I need to stop reading those blogs that make me feel inferior. 

I know I need to roll with the punches as time just keeps marching on. Lots of changes coming to Rose Cottage as well...


I decided my word for 2015 is "spiritual." Not in a I need to find God kind of way, but just digging a little deeper into myself and being comfortable with the path I'm on...spending time outside and connecting with nature. 

I'm raising a toast to the new year.  I think it will be an exciting ride!


  1. Happy New Year Laurie :) It is always such a joy to visit this specific place on the web. I know what you mean though, it seems that the internet has become a place for merchants to advertise their wares, and that is alright really, as long as their main blogs don't become a channel per say :0(

    I am glad you have kept this lovely space. I enjoy visiting, because when I leave I just feel lovelier :D


  2. Hi Laurie, I've really struggled this past year with whether I should continue blogging for many of the same reasons you mentioned. But then I realized the blogs I enjoy the most are by people, like yourself, who share their every day life and thoughts...there's a sweet, down to earth, lovely feel to them. They really do feel like a chat with a friend.

    So please keep sharing here and I'll do the same at my blog and maybe we can keep the simplicity of blogging alive. :)

    Happy New Year!

  3. I should add that I visited your Pinterest page and love it...so many beautiful clothes and accessories. I would love it if you shared fashion here on your lovely blog. :)

  4. Hi Laurie
    I Too struggle with my blog. I decided to go back to blogging. Keeping it simple and me. No frills . No fluff.
    I too hate ads.
    I love your blog. Stay true to the beautiful person you are.

  5. Do not delete the blog,
    is really charming.

  6. Happy New Year Laurie!
    Please keep your Blog up and running. I always look forward to your posts. i love your Pinterest also.
    I hope this will be a wonderful and Spiritual year for you!


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“A single rose can be my garden...a single friend, my world.”
~ Leo F. Buscaglia quotes