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      "Spring, full of sweet days and roses, a box where sweets compacted lie."
George Herbert

  I Don't think I'll ever outgrow my love of feminine style clothing.  I now wear some great crops from J Jill. They are a pull-on style that I really like and I don't have to yank up my pants all day. I have a smallish waist, so I always have a hard time finding small enough bottoms without venturing into the dreaded juniors section.
I love Spring.  I can finally where lighter clothing which somehow makes me feel more feminine. My husband surprised with a few delights from April Cornell. I just love her line of clothing.

Pretty camisole

This is a summer jacket
And I just adore this one.

I recently acquired this long white linen skirt from J Jill. Just wouldn't be Spring without a white linen skirt!

Now back to work. I'm making chicken pot pie for dinner and I want to make a few extra pie crusts to pop in the freezer. I'm taking it a bit easy today, other than hanging out laundry, sweeping and cleaning out the chicken coop I don't have much on my agenda. Perfect day to enjoy the weather and maybe get a little weeding done in the garden, I don't consider that a chore, my flowers are my delight.


  1. That is truly not a chore at all :0) your vintage finds are just perfect for you Laurie...they are going to look beautiful added to your wardrobe. Enjoy your day :0) mari

  2. oh, such pretty clothing! I love lace & ruffles & such. But find I can only wear them when in the right frame of mind.

    Love your blog, so pretty. Oh, and your pies sounds gorgeous!

    thanks for stopping by my blog :O)

  3. Such feminine clothing pieces! Hope you enjoy your day. It's beautiful out there!

  4. Hi Laurie: I ordered 2 dresses many years ago from J Jill (I used to get their catalog) and I love their style. But, you have a small waist, and I don't, and my tummy stuck out!! We now have a J Jill store at the mall here.

    Your grandson looked so cozy, I hope he is all well now. Kids do love playing with other kids!!

    Your poor husband! Medical fixes are so frustrating! My husband has a badly torn meniscus (from sports when he was young) and he cancelled his surgery because physical therapy helped take away most of the pain, and he read the surgery for this doesn't always help. Now I am impressed with physical therapy because he was in terrible pain!

  5. Love the clothes, so pretty and feminine. I hope you can wear it soon ; )
    Have a great day.

  6. oh I just saw this post and I adore your clothes! Could you tell me where you got the ''summer jacket''? I must look into April for clothes....lovely post.

  7. How pretty dear friend. I love soft pretty clothes.
    I had fun getting caught up with you. I love the beautiful dishes in your china cabinet.
    Please get in touch with me I have some sad Candi news to share with you. It has been a hard day here.
    I wrote a blog post earlier this week.

  8. Hello,
    I love the summer jacket as well. Where did you find it?



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