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Jul 16, 2015


I love my new bloomers!  Soft tea stained linen.  I only wear these around the house. There was a time I would have worn them out and about, but those days are over.

Pretty little white cotton number, perfect for hot southern days.

This last one, also thrifted is just a lacy top that I wear over a tee. 

Ah, Summer days. This is about the time I start longing for Autumn.  It's just so dang hot and humid. 
Temperature is 94 feels like 108 and the dewpoint is 76%.

Hope your day is lovely!


  1. Why don't you wear your bloomers outside? I wear mine under my jumpers and they peek out when I walk...just love them :0) So good to see your lovely smile Laurie ... mari

  2. Such pretty clothes. I especially like the last top. It looks great with your jeans.

    Stay as cool as possible! Have a good week.

  3. You are cute as a button :)
    It is hot and humid here too:(

  4. Hi Laurie,
    You are just too cute. It is really hot here too. Next week it is suppose to be 99 all week.


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