Final Thoughts

Laundry hanging out to dry.  I love my hankies!

Ten years ago this month I started blogging.  I think it's been long enough.  So much can happen in ten years! We lost our home in Hurricane Katrina. We rebuilt on the same spot while living in a trailer with 3 teens, 2 dogs and a cat for two years. I lost my Mom 6 months later. I've turned 50, (I'll be 54 this month), been through menopause and became a grandmother. All three children graduated from college and have moved on with their lives. We've had four beloved pets pass away.  My husband has struggled with various health issues and a few months ago I lost my Dad.
Over the years I've stopped and started blogging, changed blogs, deleted blogs and finally settled down with this one three years ago.
But I think it's time for me to move on. I don't blog like I used to - where did I find the time?  So this friends is a happy farewell, and who knows I might be back again someday. I will probably just put my little "Rose Cottage" blog on private in a few days and let her rest.

Keep well,