In the Pink

"To thine own self be true"

This is a recent additions to my wardrobe...

 A very pretty slip in a luscious shade of rose.
I've been seeing these "dress extenders" all over the place to wear under too short dresses or tunics.  I thought, "but aren't they really just a slip?"  Anyway, I bought this one off etsy and I really like it!

It's very cold here today, at least for the Gulf Coast! No snow of course, but I feel for all of you dealing with it.  We lived in Utah for 5 years and I saw enough of the white stuff to last me a lifetime. Being so cold, I thought I'd whip up something to enjoy with afternoon tea.  In this case lemon poppyseed muffins.

 Enjoy the rest of the day, and stay warm!


  1. LAURIE!!! Gasp. I love that slip/dress extender. It is exactly the type of thing I look for to have in the shop. And your graphic is so sweet. Happy winter!!


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