Sunday Thoughts

...January, in ermine cloak,
With crystal spangles dight,
He gave the queen an Ivy crown,
And her fair shoulders white
He happ'd with tender ferny Moss
From many a cosy nook,
Or from the rounded boulders warm
Beside the frozen brook.
~James Rigg,
"The Progress of Queen Flora, Adorned by a Hundred Wild Flowers"

Pink thrifted jacket. Love the buttons and the ruffle. 

I never heard of the brand Nick & Mo, but I like the label.
Actually, sometimes its the label of an item that catches my attention first. A few years back I bought a blouse with the label Rose Cottage. After the blouse was no longer fit to wear I cut out the label and sewed it to the clothespin bag I made.

If you're digging out of the snow, be careful out there!  If you're wondering why I've been posting more lately, its because I inherited my youngest son's laptop before he left for Japan. Have to admit its so much nicer to post on this than an ipad.  Although I'd rather have my son close by than his laptop.  Why is it so hard to let them go?  He's only been gone 2 weeks and it seems like he's been gone months already.


  1. Laurie,
    I think we never let go of the "babies" in our hearts. When I look at my children I will forever see the sweet dependent faces that I kissed on and loved.
    I post on an iPad. I do know what you mean!
    Now. About that jacket. I was so hoping you'd show the label. It looked very interesting from afar. LOL. I am totally infatuated with labels. I am glad you saved the Rose Cottage label. I currently have a vintage label that is going on something. I just don't know what yet. But you know I will share when I figure it out!

  2. Oh Laurie it is hard to let go of our children as they grow older. But when they do, they leave with your teachings :) pretty jacket. Just perfect for you :-) have a blessed Sunday


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