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Jan 28, 2016

What She Wore

A small bird twitters on a leafless spray,
Across the snow-waste breaks a gleam of gold:
What token can I give my friend to-day
But February blossoms, pure and cold?
Frail gifts from Nature's half-reluctant hand...
I see the signs of spring about the land...
[T]hese chill snowdrops, fresh from wintry bowers,
Are the forerunners of a world of flowers.
~Sarah Doudney, "Snowdrops

Today I wore a dress I bought from a street fair in Pensacola. It's really Summery but I make it work with leggings and a sweater.  I'm not much of a legging person unless I'm wearing a skirt or dress. I just don't feel dressed when I try the long top look.  It's just not for me.

 Isn't this a cute pin? The charm says "its always tea time."

Today I made some rebatched soap. Soap making is getting really expensive, so I've opted to use what I have and pretty them up.

This is the sensitive skin Dove bars. I added rose clay, rose oil and sprinkled rose petals from the garden. Sorta semi~homemade. HaHa.


  1. Pretty outfit and pin! And soap! Good idea. Yes soapmaking is expensive. My husband groans when I express interest in getting back into making soap! I'm beginning to feel sloppy in pants. I wear a skirt/dress 70% of the time. I like to think I'm becoming more proper...ha! I like leggings but I am too chubby even with a dress to have them look good like yours do! Nice poem, goes with your style! Andrea

  2. This is such a sweet lovely post. I love your outfit.

  3. Love it! I am not one for long tops either. You know I love layers so I do like them over skirts and dresses. But they have to be just tight. There is in reality such a difference even in short dresses over leggings and log tops over dresses, even if the length is similar. At least for me. Love the graphic!


“A single rose can be my garden...a single friend, my world.”
~ Leo F. Buscaglia quotes