"Someone painted pictures on my
     Windowpane last night --
Willow trees with trailing boughs
     And flowers, frosty white,

And lovely crystal butterflies;
     But when the morning sun
Touched them with its golden beams,
     They vanished one by one."
-  Helen Bayley Davis, Jack Frost

I realized I hadn't done any sort of decorating for Valentine's Day.  Of course down here Mardi Gras trumps Valentine's Day.   I prefer the heart day so I opted for my pink teacups!

Love my little bear!

It's been one of those weeks.  The husband's knee surgery didn't go too well and needs to have another surgery.  He also developed an infection in his gums where the breathing tube was pulled out. 

     I'll be taking a bit of a break - see you soon!


  1. Oh Laurie! I am sorry to hear about your husband's troubles. Oh my. Hoping and praying for recovery for him and rest for you!

    ps -- love the pink and the poem!!

  2. Hi Laurie,

    I hope all will be well soon. Please take care and I see you when you get back.

  3. I'm so sorry...I will say a prayer for your husband. I hope he is feeling better by Valentine's Day! Andrea

  4. I'm sorry Laurie... praying that everything works out well. mari

  5. I am so sorry about your husband's complications.
    It took 3 TKRs to get my husbands OK. Not easy or fun at all. I hope he is not in too much pain.

    Your heart day decorations are just pretty, so much better than gaudy Mardi Gras.


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