Here and Now Link Up

I'm joining Sarah from Say Little Hen for this wonderful link~up Here and Now...

Loving //   the cooler weather we've been enjoying

Eating //  homemade strawberry shortcake

Drinking //  lots of Earl Grey tea

Feeling //  overwhelmed at times while caring for my grandson and keeping house

Making //  a few more crocheted dish rags in summery colors

Thinking //  how fast time seems to go

Dreaming //  of the first tomatoes off the vine

I hope you all enjoyed a lovely Mother's Day.  For me it's always a little bittersweet, but made happy by my thoughtful children and husband:)

...And then there's this lovely little treat coming to me all the way from Australia!

Etsy seller pinkdiamonds


  1. Oh homemade strawberry shortcake - yum! That alone is enough to make me quite jealous of your spring, despite our lovely autumn at the moment.

    Nice to meet you via "Here & Now".
    ~Laura (Green in Real Life / Creativity Unmasked)

  2. Beautiful post Laurie! Thank-you so much for joining in.
    Enjoy those delicious tomatoes!

    Sarah x


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