She's Wearing Shorts!

Yes friends I'm wearing shorts.  Never thought I would this late in the game.  But heck, these are cut~ offs I made from thrifted pants, so if I don't wear them too often its no great lost. It does get pretty darn hot down here in the deep south, and I really don't want to wear skirts all the time.  Maybe its because the older I get the more the heat bothers me, or maybe I just don't care if I show off my spidery vein legs...anyway I perked them up with my new lace shirt extender.  Just me being me.

Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. They look great on you Laurie! You are thin so you can wear something modestly that might make a heavier person look immodest. I knew someone that put that length of shorts together with a swimsuit to make a nice, stylish, more modest suit. Andrea

  2. I love that lace extender that you are wearing. It's so pretty!

  3. I love the outfit and I used to live in that deep southern heat. It sure does get hot!


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