Goodbye Lizzie

Last night my favorite Girl Lizzie died in her sleep.

Out of our 14 chickens, Lizzie was the gentlest little chicken. She would always come to greet me in the morning and liked to be petted ( some chickens don't). She had a bit of a sweet tooth and seemed to know when I was bringing her a piece of cake or cookie.  She would make those funny little contented chicken sounds.

I knew she hadn't been feeling well, and I had planned on taking her to the Vet tomorrow. We buried her along side her sister Marianne and our other beloved pets. Even though she hadn't laid an egg in a few years, she was still a valuable member of the flock. Goodbye sweet girl, you will be missed.


  1. Oh! It is sad to see any creature die, isn't it. Lizzie was personified to be quite a gal! We had a very geriatric rabbit die at the age of 12 last fall. I like it when they die naturally and you don't feel obligated to have the vet do it. Andrea

  2. I lost my Gwendolyn and Abigail last year, and know how much you will miss your Lizzie. Chickens have personalities and I enjoy watching them intermingle with each other.

  3. Awwww. I am sorry. I know I am late seeing this. My mom lost a chicken this past week. You get so close to them.

  4. I hope you are enjoying your Summer. I am missing your sweet posts.

  5. Oh so sorry to here about Lizzie.We lost Clucky our last sweet girl over a year ago. My Mom had raised her from
    a tiny little chick. We were living across the drive way
    from wear my Mom lived just a few months earlier. She went to be with Jesus just a few months prior. The lovely ladies passed on to Glory so close together.
    She used to go and cluck on my Moms porch when we let her out in the morning like she was saying hi. Then she changed her habit to come to my porch when Mom
    was gone. She was a smart one. We enjoyed her antics
    she was quite the gal. One time a hawk was going to have her for lunch and she screamed out like a banchy.
    It scared the hawk away. I could not believe it. She free ranged when the baby next door was crying she would make a little crying noise on the porch until I came out. You really do get attached to then. So sorry you lost your girl. I miss having chickens. They are so much fun.


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